I am writing this because HB Hits and Yo have changed my life... Yo has been such an inspiration to me in many ways.... I didnt play sports in high school and wasnt very active... I started training with Yo several years ago... Yo taught me how to make fitness a life style. Yo taught me how to eat ,workout and be confident.. Through HB Hits I also got involved in Triathalons. When I first started I couldnt swim but after two years I have finished several marathons, Half ironman as well as two full ironman triathlons. In addition, Yo makes the workouts fun and motivates everyone. Yo really cares about her clients and their fitness goals.

I recommend this gym to anyone looking to better themselves. I also have made many great friends along the way. I couldnt imagine my life without HB Hits.

Odette M.

So I have to say that I am fairly biased, I have been working out with Yo for about 8 years, My opinion, however, is completely justified. I have worked out with 5 trainers in my my life. I am very active and fit, but Yo ALWAYS keeps me on my feet. Many of the people that attend the classes at this studio have been loyal clients for many years.

The best thing about the trainers at this gym is that every day is different, but equally challenging. The small group classes are similar to the Training Spot, but the classes are better designed (people are not blowing out backs and shoulders because of the over ambitious workout mix) and even though I work out with people anywhere between 18 and 65 (I am 39), each person gets a great workout and is beat tired by the end. The days alternate between heavy weights, heavy cardio and mixes. There is also yoga and chiropractic / kinesiology.

If you want a great, butt kicking workout, HB Hits is the place.

Jason M.

I can't describe how much I love HB HITS, I've been working out at this gym pre and post surgery to correct my severe scoliosis. Yo, Kristi and all of the trainers are aware and have always been there to help me modify any exercise to fit my specific needs. For the past 6-8 weeks I've been working one on one with Kristi Blackford. My goals were to get integrated back into the group classes, strengthen my muscles to support my back after my spinal fusion and to run my first half marathon! Kristi is amazing, every session would be something new and more challenging. She has helped me build so much confidence in myself and I know now that I'm capable of so much more because of her. The group classes are also incredibly motivating. I go to work full time and go to school full time, so the early morning AM classes are perfect. HB HITS feels more like a tight knit community, rather than your average gym. Everyone here truly cares about your progress and journey!

Lindsey D.

I don't exactly love working out, but I love this gym, the clients there & the trainers! I'm fairly new to running & been working out for a couple of years so I'd hardly call myself an exercise junkie but after meeting Yo a little more than year ago I've done 8 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 2 Ragnar Relays, 1 Tough Mudder and a couple of weekends ago did my first Ironman 70.3 race. Inside I'm still a giant coach potato but now I've gained the confidence & skills to try things I never thought were possible. The group classes are energetic & challenging to people of all fitness levels.

You'll come for the exercise but end up staying for the camaraderie, support, chiropractic services, nutritional advice, youth class, tri/running group, etc... It really is like a one-stop shop.

Kathleen K.